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Founded in 2018 by partners Maurice Li and Yoko Choy, Collective Contemporist is a creative consultancy with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.


We represent a handpicked community of international creatives who celebrate contemporary art and design with a focus on cultural and hospitality experiences. The concept was to create a platform for creators from around the world to connect to an audience in China to pursue business opportunities through exhibitions, special project commissions, studio representation and product licensing.

The notion of East-meets-West is more to us than just an alignment of two aesthetic visions; our mission, as a multicultural commentator and communicator, is to raise awareness of the importance of cross-cultural development in the creative industry, to translate the knowledge and insights from both worlds into a shared artistic language and to stimulate and inspire conversations and collaborations between the two spheres.

We match talents with local businesses in the areas of real estate, hospitality, brand development, marketing and offline events.

Our creative management team will also nurture our community of creatives through business- and public-oriented exhibitions, publications, networking events, educational programmes and more.

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Maurice Li

Originally from San Francisco with roots in Hong Kong, Maurice is a brand architect, business strategist, product designer, cultural content curator and producer. He is also an active public speaker and panellist, media contributor, an alumni mentor at Tsinghua University as well as guest lecturer at the Beijing Hospitality Institute.

Maurice is most recently one of the founding partners of CHAO, a lifestyle, design & hospitality management company based in Beijing. He is also the curator and producer of the cultural programme for Serpentine Pavilion Beijing. Maurice is based in Beijing. Follow Maurice’s journey on Instagram


Yoko Choy

Currently based in Amsterdam, Hong Kong-born Yoko Choy is an acclaimed design and lifestyle writer and consultant, who advises fairs, events, brands and creatives. Her work to date has been published in more than 20 international titles; she is the China Editor for Wallpaper* magazine (global edition) as well as a writer for Chinese and international publications including Hong Kong Economic Journal and online platform Dezeen.

Choy has worked for Art Basel on its launch in Hong Kong, curated exhibitions for Dover Street Market in Beijing, managed Beijing Design Week‘s international communications strategy and represented MARIOTESTINO+ in Asia. Follow Yoko’s journey on Instagram


Assembly 2018:
A Global Creative and Cultural Exchange
25–27.10, Beijing


A hub for creative, academic and business collaborations
East x West / Art x Technology / Creativity x Commerce


Assembly is a not-for-profit initiative created by Collective Contemporist.

Rooted in China with an international vision and outreach, it aims to bring together the world’s best creative talents to engage with China’s burgeoning art and design scene, creating a hub where artists, designers, architects and entrepreneurs converge to share ideas and resources; a platform to nurture collaborations and exchange, for creative, academic and business pursuits.

For 2018, the pilot programme will take place in a converted heritage courtyard (redesigned by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma) in the Qianmen area of historic Beijing, and will include other events around the Chinese capital.



Damochang 220

A Fine Example of Urban Regeneration in the Historical Beijing Quarter – The events will take place in historic Damochang in the Qianmen district of the city. They will feature a series of talks, networking sessions and a film screening followed by a live music performance to welcome everyone to Beijing. Damochang 220 is repurposed by Japanese architectural office Kengo Kuma and Associates.


Serpentine Galleries Beijing Pavilion

Built on a sacred site in the heart of China’s capital that has seen 500 years of culture and commerce, the first Serpentine Pavilion co-commissioned and created outside the UK opened this week in Wangfujing, Beijing. It marks the inaugural chapter of the collaboration between the institution and the Chinese property developer Hongkong Land. A selection committee led by Serpentine’s artistic director, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Yana Peel appointed Liu Jiakun of JIAKUN Architects for the project. 



October 25, Thursday
Private Session

An Intimate Gathering in the Historic Beijing Courtyard – An invitation-only list of international and local guests will spend an afternoon together to discuss design trends and how to enable more creative collaborations between East and West. The day will end with food, drinks and music to kick off an exciting few days in Beijing. 

Speakers and partners: Damochang 220, Lonneke Gordjin of Studio Drift from Amsterdam, Dara Huang of Design Haus Liberty from London, Carolina Maggio of Based Upon from London. Get your ticket

Damochang 220
A project of
Beijing Center of the Arts
Redesigned by Kengo Kuma

Dara Huang
Design Haus Liberty

London, Hong Kong

Lonneke Gordjin
Studio Drift


Carolina Maggio
Based Upon



October 26, Friday
Public Session

Series of Events to Inspire a Community of Design Lovers – We extend the guest list to a wider selection of media members, professional creatives and design enthusiasts. Today is dedicated to media engagement, providing an opportunity for our delegation to share their work with a wider audience locally.

Speakers and partners: Damochang 220, Ben Hobson of Dezeen from London, Jinou Park of Design Hotels from Singapore, Hua Li of Trace Architecture Office from Beijing. Get your ticket

The world's most popular and influential architecture and design magazine

Ben Hobson

Design Hotels
A network of over 300 independent boutique hotels in over 50 countries.

Jinou Park
Design Hotels

Vice President, Asia Pacific


VUE Hotel Hou Hai
A member of Design Hotels


Hua Li
Trace Architecture Office



October 27, Saturday
Community Session

Explore the sights and sounds of the city – We start the day with visits to potential projects, clients and partners. We round up the three days in Beijing with an event at Serpentine Galleries Beijing Pavilion.

Speakers and partners: Serpentine Galleries Beijing Pavilion, Lonneke Gordjin of Studio Drift from Amsterdam, Carolina Maggio of Based Upon from London, Multimedia Artist Cao Fei from Guangzhou, Cinematographer Guan Benliang from Hong Kong, Che Fei of CU Office from Beijing. Free entrance

Serpentine Galleries
Beijing Pavilion

Designed by
Jiakun Architects

Guan Benliang

Hong Kong

Cao Fei
Multimedia Artist


Che Fei
CU Office
Architect and Urban Scientist



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